Have style, will travel. Ingrid Campos, is a New Yorker on a never-ending journey to explore artistry. One of her biggest projects was co-producing a photo shoot for Bad Meets Evil—the joint album between Eminem and Royce da 5’9”. The images displayed a evolution of hip-hop culture, showing both artists surrounded by vinyl records, a fundamental medium of rap music since its inception in the mid-1970s. Ingrid did her research working on this assignment with photographer Daniel Hastings. Coordinating a project from concept to execution is part of what she does best. The other part to the whole is how Ingrid gets inspiration through personal experience. Being a native of Colombia, but growing up in New York, Ingrid holds on to her latina roots, as do many immigrants who start a new life in the city by incorporating their past with the present. Making a physical migration with her family to live in America was pivotal in Ingrid’s life, so much that it influences other eventful travels like Paris for vacation or Miami to plan parties for Art Basel and numerous film/music festivals. What she accomplishes in connecting her colleagues at these social gatherings is as important as the lessons learned in the making. Ingrid gives her work perspective on her website Customfad.com. The site is her online portfolio for styling she’s done for Kanye West’s deejay Million $ Mano and rapper Hollywood Holt in 2009, to a virtual mood board of collections from fashion designers. The document of lifestyle Ingrid provides is original, not phoned in. For deeper knowledge on her subjects, she asks readers to “walk with her.” Ingrid has immersed herself by taking the first steps to chronicling lifestyle, her presence also on the front lines are leaps and bounds into the future.

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