Love my Retro Handset!

I had the chance to check this cool store in Brooklyn called DijitalFix, and I instantly fell in love with everything they carry. My favorite item became my new toy; a pink (still one of my favorite colors) retro handset. Even though it’s a rarity in today text messaging world, I’m still a phone person. You can find me chit-chatting with friends and family for hours. So when I found this handset, I was in HEAVEN! This has got to be the greatest gadget I’ve ever gotten my hands on (literally), especially when I hate holding my phone or using the earpiece. This retro/classic handset is the closest thing to the good ol’ home phone. I had forgotten how comfortable they were to use. This is the best thing since sliced bread and I am totally in love with it.

I took a few shots of the store and of course my new fashionable gadget. Check them out!

Taken with my iPhone4S:

Even the box it comes in is just fantastic. As for the handset – the feel is just perfect!

Highly recommended. Good quality, good price. Get yours at Native Union.

♡ INi

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One Response to Love my Retro Handset!

  1. Chandra D says:

    I love my POP Phone! I got it back in January and I love using it. I don’t use it when I leave my house, but I definitely use it at home!

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