Miami Goodies!

Every time I am in Miami, I always have to check my favorites stops and shops. I made a few rounds last time I was there and found some awesome pieces. It’s always exciting when you get a good find without breaking your pocket. I literally spent less than a hundred bucks on everything.

Some pieces I’ve already worn and some are still sitting in my closet waiting for that right occasion to wear it. I truly enjoy finding unique pieces and incorporating them into my wardrobe; dressing creatively is so much fun and daring.

Now let me show what I got and how I rocked them.

Lately I’ve been into bright colors, prints, and crazy patterns. I wore this blouse on Valentine’s Day and it’s one of my favorite tops so far.

LOVE this cardigan!

Since a lot of these tops are a bit loose I usually wear them with a belt.

I’m wearing this blouse with a pair of shorts. Can’t wait!

These colors are sweet and you can never go wrong with high-waisted shorts.

Take a closer look and you’ll see the zebras. These pants are so cool. I wore them with one of my bodysuits – the perfect combo.  ☟

This top was actually longer and had shoulder pads. I removed the pads and cut the bottom. It turned out to be a pretty cool sweater.

What I haven’t worn yet:

I don’t need more shoulder purses but it’s brown and it’s LV. Who could resist?

This is a fall dress that I’d wear with brown knee-high boots.

I know this top is LOUD and I have no idea how I’m gonna pull this one off but how amazing is this shirt though? If anyone knows what the symbols mean, please let me know.

I hate shoulder pads so I removed them right away but I’m obsessed with the patterns and bright colors on these two pieces. 

Even though this dress covers your arms, the open back makes it sexy. ;)

I can easily wear this shirt with shorts or a skirt this summer.

That’s all folks! :)

♡ INi

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6 Responses to Miami Goodies!

  1. evelyn says:

    all such great stuff but that last dress is fabulous!

  2. me says:

    Where did you find these pieces?

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