Consequence Listening Session for “Movies on Demand”

After I attended Consequence’s Listening Session (and plenty of other listening sessions); I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s something really wrong in these sessions. PEOPLE DON’T LISTEN!!!

Certain individuals have the privilege to attend these sessions. As we all know the main reason people get invited to these sessions is to listen to the artist’s anticipated work, but what really ends up happening?…Some are more concerned on the open bar, the occasional hor’s devours, the freebies, who’s coming in and out, and let’s not forget checking their phone every 5 seconds unless they are taking notes which I hardly doubt. Since when have this become a social event that you can chit-chat while a song is being played? How many times has an artist interrupted their song so he can grab the crowd’s attention? or better yet, this time around, Consequence did with one shout. “SHUTAFUCKUP”. Seriously!!!…How would you feel if you are the artist and they are drinking your liquor, eating your food, and all you ask of them is to simply LISTEN? Fucked up, right?
So, for those who are in this music industry with titles who happen to get invited. Next time, like Consequence said; SHUTAFUCKUP.

One mad observant,


BTW, you can download “Movies on Demand” here :)

Sowmya, Rob and I.

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One Response to Consequence Listening Session for “Movies on Demand”

  1. Soulful Jenn says:

    Love this album. Fav track’s gotta be We Love/We Fight.

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